VisionAssist and the new third generation iPad

Great to see the new third generation iPad announced today. 

VisionAssist should work well without further changes and will be stunning with the retina display (4x the pixels of the iPad 2) and 5 Megapixel rear camera.   The new iPad camera uses a lens system similar to the iPhone 4S, image stabilisation, and has a proper autofocus system which will give sharp images.   

VisionAssist uses a live video stream and the iPad supports 1920 x 1080 resolution - full HD for video capture, again similar to the iPhone 4S.   Due to the advanced video processing that VisionAssist does, the new A5X dual core CPU along with quad core GPU should provide fantastic performance.

The only downside it that there is no flash LED that can be used to illuminate what you are reading.   However, there is the new feature - Temporal Noise Reduction, which is intended to improve video quality in low light levels.  That should be interesting to experiment with.

However the big 9.7" screen along with AirPlay streaming support to the Apple TV will provide great images.


Can't wait for it to be released in New Zealand on the 27th March!   If you happen to get your hands on it earlier, please let me know how VisionAssist performs.