VisionAssist v1.2 and the new iPad - a proven combination!

Slinkyware is pleased to announce that v1.2 of VisionAssist has now been tested on the new third generation "new iPad" and it has passed with flying colors!   VisionAssist has been optimised to take advanatage of the higher speed processor and optics - it looks great with the high definition camera and super sharp screen.  

The new iPad's 5 Megapixel rear camera uses a lens system similar to the iPhone 4S, image stabilisation, and has a proper autofocus system which provides sharp images.  

VisionAssist uses a live video stream and the iPad supports 1920 x 1080 resolution - full HD for video capture, again similar to the iPhone 4S.   Due to the advanced video processing that VisionAssist does, the new A5X dual core CPU along with quad core GPU provides fantastic performance.

Using the big 9.7" screen, or alternatively, AirPlay streaming support for the Apple TV provides large, clear magnified images.   For those that choose to use VoiceOver, this is fully supported too.   

You can find more out about VIsionAssist at and you can purchase it at the Apple Appstore here.