VisionAssist gains 5 stars in review on!

VisionAssist gains 5 stars in review on from assistive technology writer .

"Costing just $5.99, VisionAssist represents a new magnification solution far less expensive than dedicated electronic magnifiers. It also enfolds vital assistive technology into mobile devices popular among the blind, eliminating the need to carry a separate magnifier."
  • Price: $5.99 for electronic magnification is one of the best deals in assistive technology
  • Efficiency: VisionAssist, like DAISY book and GPS apps, lightens your load by moving more solutions to your iOS device
  • Robust: Offers all functions found in portable and desktop video magnifiers, e.g. color schemes and "freeze" frame
  • Easy to Use: App installs automatically and has simple layout, intuitive controls, and well-organized online help."


"VisionAssist is a very impressive app that, over time, could make portable electronic magnifiers obsolete. I did my testing with an iPod touch. Even though the resolution is higher on the iPhone and iPad, the convenience, functionality, and price represent a new paradigm of value in the world of magnification aids."

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If you are interested in VisionAssist, you can purchase from the Apple AppStore here.