Press Release: Announcing VisionAssist for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Slinkyware is excited to announce the release of VisionAssist - an app for people with Low Vision conditions that enhances their reading ability.

VisionAssist is a new category of handheld electronic magnifier that utilises your iPhone or iPad.  It is designed to help people with Low Vision conditions including AMD (age related macular degeneration), Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Cataracts and color blindness.  Use it on your iPhone for when you are out and about for spot reading, use it with your iPad for big easy to read images, or connect it wirelessly with your Apple TV and your big screen TV at home for extra large viewing!   

"Slinkyware is committed to creating great products that help improve quality of life.   The convergence of camera technology with smartphones and tablets enable us to provide assistive technologies to those that need them at better value than was possible in the past with specialised electronics", says Mike Ullrich, founder.  "Why purchase an expensive dedicated electronic video magnifier when you can utilise your smartphone or tablet that is always with you.  Distributing these products using the Apple AppStore enables us to reach many more customers that we could have in the past."

VisionAssist provides a rich range of viewing modes that uses our advanced image processing algorithms to best suit your eye condition.   If you find that a magnifying glass or glasses do not provide enough clarity, VisionAssist will provide magnification and enable you to improve the contrast to help you read or see what you want to read.  If you are in a dark area, you can use the iPhone's flash as a torch to lighten up what you are reading. 

During the initial launch you can purchase VisionAssist for at a special introductory discount price. 

You can find more out about VIsionAssist at and you can purchase it at the Apple Appstore here.